Arrangements for Pastor Shawn Patton (via Labreeska):

Pastor Shawn's Life Celebration will be Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 3:00PM. Visitation will begin at 1:30PM. You all are invited to join us at United Christian Church, 2200 Peerless Rd, Cleveland, Tennessee. Shawn's favorite color is red, so WEAR RED.

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In August of 2012, we began a bold initiative with Pastor Moses from Vietnam to train 30 new house church leaders who would start 30 new house churches in Vietnam. Pastor Moses is an Apostolic Leader in Vietnam with whom we were acquainted through Pastors Somnuk and Lily Montrerlerdresame from Bangkok Thailand. Through Pastor Somnuk’s connection with us and Pastor Moses, we had already supported the starting on 10 new house churches in 2010. Pastor Moses has an established ministry in Vietnam and is the Overseer for the Church of God in Vietnam. His ministry is also recognized through The Voice of The Martyrs who assisted in helping getting his release from prison as he spent two years incarcerated for his Christian witness. His boldness, anointing and Christian leadership in Vietnam is causing an amazing revival of thousands of souls being saved.

The revival is now spreading even faster as the Violet Starr Apple endeavor is designed to train leaders who will not only seek to bring the lost to a saving knowledge of Christ but also will multiply themselves by raising and mentoring other new leaders to do the same and to establish house churches. Pastor Moses oversees all the leaders as well as the ministry of house churches.

Our role in this endeavor has been to pray, to provide financial resources for gas money for one year for the 30 new workers to do the work of the ministry and to provide the leadership training. In January of this year, Pastors Terry and Kaye Harris led the initial three day training for these 30 new workers. The Violet Starr Apple donors provided the resources to bring and host these workers to the Dream Center of Bangkok for this leadership training. It was an amazing time of anointing and training with these special servants of the Lord. Then in March of 2013, Pastor Terry and his son Jason went to Cambodia where again these same workers attended another training sessions. In August, Pastors Somnuk and Lily, went to Vietnam where they provided another three day training for these new house church planters.

Enclosed are some pictures of some of these Leadership Training sessions. Already this year Pastor Moses team of workers has won more than 1000 new souls into God’s Kingdom! We estimate the final Leadership Training session to take place in 2014. At that time we will commission these brave leaders as the next generation of leaders for planting house churches in Vietnam who will also raise other leaders in the same manner.