Crossing 411

Tribute to Spencer Evans

About ten years ago a tall and slender-built man began attending our church. He seemed to try to blend into the crowd and not stand out to anyone. He was quiet but sincere, and I never really came to know why he had started attending our church. I believe he knew one man from our community that had invited him. Nevertheless, in his quiet and unassuming way, over several years he became one of the most loved and endeared brothers in the church.

His carpentry skills, hard work ethic, and willingness to help anyone soon made Spencer a household name. He was always ready to lend a hand to any request to which he could adequately respond.  “Call Spencer” seemed to be the automatic response so many relied upon when a special situation arose. His hard-working dependability actually led him to being responsible for the maintenance at The Crossing Church.  He and Dan Eller (his partner in crime) took on the responsibility of overseeing all the church’s maintenance as well as the many construction projects (The Dream Center, St. Elmo Campus, East Ridge Annex & parsonage…) They worked tirelessly with my wife Kaye and achieved amazing results.

Spencer’s heart was bigger than even his life. He saw life through the lens of doing any and everything he could to serve God and to make a difference in other people’s lives.  He loved God, the Bible, and Christian music.  Most of all, he loved people and was specifically drawn to those disenfranchised.  He started a ministry (HOPE) for hurting and hungry people with a $20.00 bill which the wind blew up at his feet one day.  When he asked God what he was to do with that money, he knew he was to purchase what was needed for sandwiches and to hand them to needy people.  In essence, the same thing happened the next week with another $20.00 that he just happened to come across.  From that he started feeding people each week with the supplies he could gather.  Today, every week at Miller Park in downtown Chattanooga, more than one hundred people are fed and ministered to with the Word of God.  The stories Spencer has told me about people getting saved, delivered, and healed are the same type of stories we read of in the Bible.  Spencer literally gave all he had away to others and even more.  He gave them respect, love, and the hope of eternal life.

Spencer himself went home to his eternal reward early this morning.  He has fought a good fight and finished his course.  Now he receives his crown of righteousness.  Thank you, Spencer for showing us the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for leading inspirationally and compassionately.  Thank you for seasoning our world with practical Christianity that was powerful in every way.  Your life has counted for thousands here and on mission fields around the world.

I recently heard a renown Christian leader, author, and preacher say that the harvest of the 21st century will be “raising the dead”.  He went to say if “raising the dead” will be the essence of the harvest for our day, that the church has to stop being afraid of the graveyards.  Spencer has inspired all who knew him to not fear graveyards and to enjoy seeing God’s love bring forth the harvest.

Spencer, we love and thank you for everything.  You have blessed and inspired all of us.  We desire to continue to fulfill the great commission with the same commitment and compassion which you have exampled for us.

Pastor & Kaye Harris

The Crossing Church Family